Nagelkunst Mold

Create stunning 3d Nail Art, and let your nails be the centre of attention, with Naio's 3d Nail Art Molds.
Our 3d Nail Art Molds are made of the highest quality, flexible rubber silicone. Each of our Nail Art Molds allows you to develop unique acrylic designs to create eye popping, blockbuster 3d Nail Art designs.
Using Naio acrylic powder & acrylid liquid, you can create intricate and advanced Nail Art with the greatest of ease. Simply fill your mold with your chosen acrylic, and allow this to set into a gorgeous 3d nail art piece. Then add your 3d acrylic to the nail using Naio nail glue.
We have dozens of unique designs available in our expansive range of Nail Art Molds, and these can be tailored to your style even further, by selecting your favourite coloured acrylic powders, or adding some of our fantastic and fun nail art beads, rhinestones or glitters, spangles & more! 
Our molds are reusable, and come in a huge range of designs including flowers, bows, ribbons and more.



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